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How to Approach Home Organisation By Room

Small changes in the home decor and interior can renew the general feel of your space. Home organisation is a rising topic for many households around the world. Not only it provides a new fresh look, but it also saves space when done right. Like every other project, home organisation needs a plan before you get on with it. Consider all the tasks that you have to complete in different areas, list them, and designate certain spaces for each one of them. Here are some ideas how to organise your home by room.

How to Organise the Bedroom

Leave enough open space in the bedroom, because you need good air circulation for a restful sleep. Use wall storage units to keep some items like books, jewellery  or even clothes if your closet is not big enough. Opt for ottoman style bed, which has a large storage section underneath. Nightstands can be quite useful if you like candles or fresh flowers in your bedroom. They usually enhance the feeling of relaxation and peace.

How to Organise the Living Room

This is the space where you can get most creative. Move furniture from one place to another and use a variety of storage boxes and units. Many of them can also be used as sitting facilities for the time when you have visitors. Shelves on the wall are always a good idea when you have a large collection of books, trophies or sentimental photo frames and souvenirs. It saves a lot of space and leaves your floor open. This is especially helpful if you have little children or pets.

Another great idea - instead of using traditional coffee tables in the living room try tufted ottoman table. It's a fantastic quick fix for messy situations when you have unexpected guests.

How to Organise the Children Room

Organising the kids room is a no easy task. If your children are very young, perhaps, there are always toys on the floor. If you have teenagers, maybe you are dealing with clothes, make up or gadgets all over the place. IKEA furniture is a brilliant solution for children's rooms. They have storage benches that can accommodate all the toys and actually serve another purpose. Also, get colour coded laundry basket and establish rules for putting dirty clothes only in the appropriate basket.

How to Organise the Bathroom

Many bathrooms are so small that you truly need to get creative to fit all essential toiletries. Wall shelves in the shower cabin or over the bath are one good solution. If you don't want to drill the wall, you can opt for these tall, slim storage units you could find in Wilko. You could fit most of your cosmetic and sanitary products there. Hopefully, you have a vanity with at least one cupboard, where you could keep the toilet paper replenishment, cleaning products and items you don't want on display. Leave the surface of the sink as empty as possible. Don't stack it with toothbrushes, soaps and night creams. One hand wash bottle or dispenser is more than enough.

How to Organise the Kitchen

In the kitchen you can do so many different things and organise it in a way that feels really cosy and welcoming. In many homes, the dinning space is situated in the kitchen, so if you have the option, place the table towards the windows. Natural light is soothing and promotes positive mood, especially early in the morning.

When it comes to organising your food ingredients, use labeled jars. They are eco-friendly and look really cute on the counter or in the pantry.

The most important rule of home organisation is leave no space for clutter. Some people find it really challenging because they develop emotional attachment to particular items. If it gets systematic and is not addressed, it can grow into a serious problem.

Did you know that some professional cleaning companies also offer home organisation services? How cool it would be for your cleaner to help you with the new arrangement of your home and get rid of the clutter you can seem to part ways with?

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