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How to Maintain Your Furniture Clean and Cosy

The furniture is often what makes an ordinary house a true home. The sofa, the chairs, the coffee table and chest of drawers all give your place a specific feel. You want to keep that sensation of cosiness at all times, so we will give you some ideas on how to maintain your furniture clean and cosy.


For upholstered furniture pieces prevention is key. Use a stain guard as a coating on top of your favorite gorgeous sofa or armchair. This service is available from most carpet cleaners for an extra charge. Alternatively, you could buy a stain guard product online.

Slipcovers are great if you have young children or wine is your best friend. Spills happen very often and with slipcovers it's easy to clean up. Just toss them in the washing machine and once they are out, your sofa is as good as new.

Another tip to maintain your furniture clean and cosy is to always have a stain remover closeby. Reaction time is very important when it comes to stains. If your sofa is a light colour, this can be a life saver.

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture will require a different type of care. Usually, to maintain them clean, you need to dust regularly with a dry cotton cloth. If it has been a long time since you last dusted, you can also try damp cloth or wooden furniture wipes. Very important thing to remember, neve use aggressive detergent on wooden furniture!

The lacquered surfaces can be cleaner with a polishing agent if necessary. Most furniture pieces would need a water-based, solvent-free detergent. From time to time you should use bio oil to help your wooden furniture take its natural colour and remain clean and cosy. Once per month is sufficient.


Eco furniture is easier to clean and maintain than the wooden furniture. This is because it is flat and there are no small cracks like natural wood has. Use a duster or clean with a dry cloth to remove the dust from the surface. Then, you can apply directly a light gentle detergent that contains oil. This will give your eco-furniture a great shine and make it look absolutely stunning. Also, it prevents dust building up. It's important to know how to apply these cleaning products correctly to avoid cloudy surface. Always apply oily detergent in light coats, rubbing into the surface. Allow to dry and buff to a clear shine with a soft cloth.

Sometimes your furniture will need professional care. Upholstery cleaning services are quite affordable and provide amazing value for the money you pay. It is worth booking a visit from your local domestic cleaner to assess the condition of your furniture and give you an accurate quote. After all, this is by far the best way to maintain your furniture clean and cosy, looking exactly the same way as the day you bought it.

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