10 Great Closet Organisation Tips

Aren't you tired of looking for things to wear early in the morning? The problem is not that you don't have enough clothes, it's the fact you can't find what you are looking for. That's a common problem for many people who struggle to organise their closet. Don't worry. It's easily fixable. Here are 10 great closet organisation tips.


Get rid of as many unused clothes as possible


Most of us often by clothes just because we felt like it, not really because we plan on wearing them. Or, we mistakenly took the wrong size and couldn't be bothered returning the item. Eventually, we end up with a pile of clothes we have never worn and have no intention of wearing in the foreseeable future. They clog up the closet and leave us frustrated every time we are trying to find something we actually want to wear.  Say "No" to useless storage fillers and closet blockers! Number one closet organisation rule - gift, sell or throw away anything that hasn't been worn for more than a year or never worn at all. Not only you will release some much needed space for new items, you will also get rid of bad and old energy. So go bravely ahead!


Sort out your clothes by category

Closet organisation can be very easy when you split your clothing by category. Some ideas for categories include - t-shirts, sweaters, jeans, dresses, skirts and so on. During your spring cleaning, use the opportunity to rotate seasonal clothing. Move back the jumpers and sweaters and bring tank tops and summer dresses to the front. Organising your closet by category makes it look neat and tidy.


Sort out your clothes by season

Another approach to closet organisation is dividing your clothes by season. It's similar to organising by category, but makes the seasonal rotation seamless. Once the summer is over, just bring out the autumn colours and items. Of course, there are the all-year-round clothes that we just love to wear in any kind of weather. These will go in a special section, which you can easily access. This approach is very beneficial for providing enough air circulation in your closet and it looks so organised, that you already feel better by just looking at it.


Sweater Care

If you have a small collection of sweaters, it's a good idea to keep it on hangers, so it’s not going to lose shape and crunch. It saves you ironing time and will keep them smelling fresh.


Organise by colour

Many shops organise their displays and shopping floors by colour. There is something really visually appealing in a closet organised by colour. Also, if you are looking for a particular colour outfit, you will easily spot it.


Choose your outfit for next day

Rushing every morning? Here's a really good time-saving closet organisation tip - mount an additional hook on the inside part of the wardrobe door. Choose the outfit you are going to wear in the morning the night before and hang it on the hook. Simple, quick and effective.


Pair the pairs

“Where's my other sock”? - asks your husband every morning before work. "Has the washing machine eaten it again?!" - you wonder... No. But socks can be very annoying because they always manage to get lost somehow. Solve this problem by handling them in pairs at all times. Wash them in pais, fold them in pairs and keep them in the closet in pairs. To make it even easier, get a box to store all the socks so they don't get lost.


Give to charity

Remember we spoke about clothes you don't wear or are unlikely to wear. Have a special box in your closet where you can store good quality clothes that you got tired of or don't fit anymore. Instead of throwing them away or piling them up and blocking your closet, give them to charity. Make space for new energy and new gorgeous clothes.


Get plastic boxes for clothes

If you have children you probably bought at least one of these large plastic storage boxes and stuffed all their toys inside. Smart move, but you know what's smarter? Using those same boxes for closet organisation. You can save a lot of space by putting the out-of-season clothes in them and leaving the current items out. Of course, if you want your closet to look more chic, you don't have to go for the plastic option. Storage boxes come in wooden, cardboard and fabric versions too.


Go beyond your comfort zone

Utilise all available space by putting shelves higher than you can normally reach. Then place the items you use the most on the lower shelves and the ones that are out of season or worn less often on the higher shelves.


Need some practical help with your closet organisation? We can do that for you. Let's talk about it.